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Pulse Jet Fabric Filters
Dürr Megtec pulse jet fabric filters (baghouses) help reduce the cost of particulate control. Our innovative technologies provide some of the lowest emission fabric filters in the world for a variety of industries, including steel, cement, incineration and process steam generation.

Benefits of Pulse Jet Fabric Filters
Our continuing R&D has led to several innovations that have reduced the cost of particulate control solutions. Long-bag technology has been in commercial operation for 10+ years, with bags often reaching a length of 10 meters. In applications where an existing electrostatic precipitator can no longer meet plant emissions requirements, long-bag technology has enabled successful conversion of an existing dry ESP to a pulse jet fabric filter and operating as primary dust collector.

Construction Pulse Jet Fabric Filters

For multi-pollutant control, we provide a systems solution with innovative designs that locate a clean-side SCR for nitrogen oxides (NOx) control after a spray dryer absorber and fabric filter for sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate control. This strategy includes both the traditional collection of ash or particulates, as well as hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

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