Cartridge dust collector 2 500 – 60 000 m³/h | HF series


pulse-jet backflow
Min.: 2,500 m³/h (88,287 ft³/h)

Max.: 60,000 m³/h (2,118,880 ft³/h)


HF cartridge filter is typically designed in a tough powder-coated steel-sheet structure with automatic compressed air cleaning and central G102 standard filter cartridges of filter class M, AFW HF LINE to provide a one stop solution for extraction and filtration of fume,dust,fine dust and particles. The model is composed of a main frame equipped with dust funnels,single-handed lever system containers and rolls for easy transportation and is capable of being installed indoors and outdoors.Further there are service doors for accessibility of filter parts and variable connections to enable the entry and exit of air.These also have provision for being installed with fan in sound-absorbing hood in case the volume reaches a maximum level of 9000m³/h,the standard level being 2,500-60,000m³/h.The area of the filter ranges between 24m²-678m² depending upon filter material. The air is made to enter the filter through a coarse separator where the coarse particles gets collected in to designated container. The residual pollution is separated by the filter cartridges with an efficiency of>99% through a JET-spraying system. Finally the completely cleaned air is returned into the working room.

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