Cartridge dust collector cdc™


pulse-jet backflow
Min.: 2,549 m³/h (90,017 ft³/h)

Max.: 101,941 m³/h (3,600,012 ft³/h)


cdc™ Cartridge Dust Collectors perform the way a cartridge collector is supposed to: high collection efficiencies, quick cartridge changeouts, easy installation, and cost-effective and trouble-free operation, all in a low headroom/small footprint design. The cdc is capable of providing the highest collection efficiencies of any cartridge collector – as high as 99.999%. Systems range in size from 1,500 cfm to over 60,000 cfm and are available in a variety of construction materials (including stainless steel) to match your process conditions. Features & Benefits Custom inlet design results in higher removal efficiencies, extended cartridge life and reduced energy consumption Single door entry allows for more rapid inspection, maintenance and filter replacement Full length cartridge support and clamping system eliminates major source of dust leaks and ensures peak operating efficiency Utilizes pulse venturis to ensure economical and effective cartridge pulsing Utilizes pulse controls to minimize compressed air needs, maximize collector efficiency and reduce fan energy costs Off-line pulsing prevents residual dust build-up Solid construction and no internal ledges results in a durable, long-life collector

Author: ally