Cartridge dust collector SFC series


reverse air cleaning
Other characteristics
compact, chemical process
3,000 m³/h (105,944 ft³/h)


The industrial manufacturing processes in this product series emit pollutants, which are then released into the surrounding air. Just like in the case of aerosols, the pollutants in this product series come in the form of dust and smoke and can seriously affect the health of your employees, along with the quality of your products. The human respiratory tract are incapable of secreting these particles when the particles are below a diameter of 2.5 µm . Chronical exposure to these hazardous substances can quickly lead to cardiovascular and chronic respiratory tract disease among operators. Our compact dust collector equipment are also based on the products SFC dust collector equipment, which guarantees a maximum airflow capacity of 3,000 m3/h, created with follow-up costs that separate pollutants from air. When requested, the manufacturer can plan and customize a system to meet the customer’s needs.

Author: ally