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The new Piovan Dryers of the DPA Series use compressed air for the treatment of hygroscopic polymers. 6 models, with a drying capacity ranging from 0,5 to 25 kg/h and average Dew Point value of -25°C (can be extended up to -40°C in the configuration with desiccant towers).

Energy use optimisation:
The control permits to manage the airflow on 7 levels, self-adjusting the dryer’s functioning according to the quantity of material present. The system thus avoids wastage of energy as well as of compressed air. The DPA dryers can be equipped with the energy saving device Intelligent Material Drying (IMD): it ensures optimal management of the drying process avoiding material over-heating or thermal degradation. It carries out a management of the set point, based on granule consumption and it automatically reduces the airflow in the drying hopper, and consequently the consumption of energy required (Plus function).

Self-adaptation of the working parameters:
Thanks to the Material Database included in the standard configuration, the control automatically regulates the process conditions once the material has been selected and the hourly throughput has been set. The open Material Database, containing 50 materials complete with pre-defined set values for optimal processing, can be modified, customised and integrated with new data in line with the customer’s production.

Control of correct dehumidification:
The electronic system of the DPA dryers includes the Drying Control function. It continuously checks the loading times of the drying hopper and the drying times, and it signals critical events.

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