• Product:


  • Other characteristics:

    for electrical cabinets, IP67

  • Power:

    200 W


The Patent pending PSE-001 switch cabinet de-humidifier is a special form of switch cabinet cooling technology. There is a fan-free cold plate in the interior of the switch cabinet, on which the air humidity completely condenses.
The resulting water droplets run off the plate, are collected in a runnel and drained out of the switch cabinet by a small tube. In order to avoid the formation of ice, the cold plate is equipped with a Pt 100 temperature sensor, which keeps the temperature of the cold plate in the ideal range by means of the integrated regulator. Just like our switch cabinet coolers, the switch cabinet de-humidifier is easily installed and is equipped with a temperature protection switch and an alarm relay. It is powered by a direct voltage of 24 V, with a maximal intake current of 10 A. The latest generation of our switch cabinet has PSE-001-B, in addition to the integrated controller, a connection for a humidistat. This switches only a control signal, not a load current, so that any standard humidistat can be used. Like all our switch cabinet cooler, the outside part of the PSE-001-B meets the degree of protection IP67. Its dimensions are now only 290 x 132 x 90 mm (H x W x D).

Author: ally