Filter dust collector EV AP 500


Other characteristics:
mobile, self-cleaning, high-efficiency
1,300 m³/h (45,909 ft³/h)


EV AP 500 INDUSTRIAL CHIPS AND SUSPENDED DUST PARTICLES COLLECTOR FOR ASSEMBLY LINES The EV AP 500 has been designed to recover suspended dust particles in working environments. The installation on PVC and aluminium assembly lines ( materials which produce very thin chips and dust particles) guarantees to use EV AP 500 as chips collector, in order to reduce downtimes. An electric fan allows to reach high air flow levels and a constant top vacuum performance over-time. A wide polyester filter and a 100 lt. collection capacity make this dust collector the must-have when daily vacuuming dust particles suspended in the working environment or when removing large quantities of light chips. The machine can be either supplied with a suction arm installed on it or added directly on the assembly line. The ATEX certified version is also available CHIPS COLLECTOR IDEAL FOR ALUMINIUM OR PVC MIETER SAWS One of the main applications of this industrial chips collector is the collection of aluminium or PVC dust particles on mieter saws with single or double head, as well as on CNC machineries. The EV 500 can recover significant quantities of waste and chips from the ADVANTAGES Integrated filter cleaning systemComplete steel constructionExtractable collection container with optional use of disposable bagsHigh filtration efficiencyHigh air flow valueFull customization for specific needsConceived for the suction of fine dusts suspended in the airOptional articulated arm to suction in a restricted area

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