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Structure built with self-loading panels in carbon steel or on sendzimir support protected by epoxy paints, colors RAL 7032-9010,assembled by bolts only.The media filtering installed are made in high efficiency and long-life non-woven synthetic fibres. The downflow and discharge of polluting particles after separation are made easier thanks to the small diameters of cartridges,145 mm, the low profile of folds, the upright position and the surfece oversizing.

A manhole allows maintenance and inside inspection very easily. Regular cleaning of cartridges is made automatically by means of compressed air jets in countercurrent.
The exhauster, elastically assemled, is made up by a higt efficiency centrifugal impeller with backwards curved blades, directly coupled to the motor. A silencer with sound-absorbing elements is placed downstream the group of propulsion. A diffuser with adustable blinds scatters the ejected air at the outlet.

The dust-charged air enters the filter laterally in low speed after a pre-decantation, in equicurrent with the dusts fall.
Regular cleaning of cartridges is made automatically by means of compressed air jets in countercurrent at predetermined intervals, preventing therefore from stopping the equipment while working.
A 2-functions programming electronic device governed by the feeler of differential pressures, keeps the load losses within the limits of project, thus protecting filtering media from stresses.
The particeles separated and collected cross the lower hopper and flow into the container equipped with a control level (optional).
The filtered air superiorly escapes through a diffuser of great section.

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