Filter dust collector TYPHOON WX-1200


pulse-jet backflow
Other characteristics
1,200 m³/h (42,378 ft³/h)


The WX-1200 is available with an auto-water level control system to maintain the correct water level as some of the water evaporates during normal use. The wet collector shuts down during conditions of high or low water level to comply with NFPA and OSHA safety regulations. Diversitech’s wet dust collectors are available with many optional accessories including ducted downdraft tables which can be custom designed for any process. The integrated hydrogen vent fan ensures that hydrogen gas is exhausted from the collector as metals oxidize in the water tank. Available HEPA after-filters provide high efficiency filtration for applications involving fine particulate and are outfitted with all NFPA required sensors. The available self-cleaning strainer systems uses a pump, basket strainer and nozzles to automatically convey material into an exterior basket, reducing maintenance intervals. Benefits Compact Footprint 100% Duty Cycle, online refill Complies with NFPA guidelines for Combustible Dust Features Anti-corrosion Stainless Steel Construction Ultrasonic Water-level Sensor 3HP TEFC Motor producing 1200 CFM of airflow Low Cost Mist-eliminator Filters

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