Filter dust collector Vacumobil 140 / 160


Other characteristics
mobile, for wood dust
Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

1,100 m³/h (38,846 ft³/h)

Max.: 1,950 m³/h (68,864 ft³/h)


Enhanced performance, reduced consumption. Certified safety. The innovative Vacumobil 140/160 mobile dedusters by HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK set entirely new standards in extraction for wood processing machines and air filtration. They feature numerous improvements in regards to energy efficiency, equipment size, performance characteristics and application flexibility. Higher throughput is achieved by a housing interior optimised for airflow. Standard energy-saving drives (IE 2) reduce electricity consumption. Our Vacumobiles ensure an extremely environmentally friendly and energy-saving operation. Naturally, all models are tested by the Employer\\\’s Liability Insurance Association (BG) according to GS-H0 07 and only use BG-certified filter materials and bear the H3/GS certificate.

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