• Portability:


  • Product:


  • Air flow:

    280 m³/h, 590 m³/h, 650 m³/h, 970 m³/h (9,888.1 ft³/h)

  • Power:

    730 W, 890 W, 1,020 W, 1,390 W


No moisturized walls, musty smells and mould – dry quickly and efficiently at the press of a button.

Windows and doors can also only be insulated to a certain degree; normal moisture and humidity penetrate even through thick concrete walls. Dangerous moisture that leads more quickly to mould and rust than expected and damages deposited materials, electrical
installations, perishables, files, and much more.

During the manufacturing of cement, mortar, plaster, and so on, large volumes of water are required for the hardening process. Even
processed construction elements like bricks, aerated concrete, and so on may contain water to an extent that should not be underestimated.

Particularly easy service due to device structure
Compressor protection through start-up delay
Especially efficient due to the use of a rotating-piston condenser
Very low operating costs
Plug-in-ready equipment design
Very good handling with large wheels and ergonomically shaped handles
Portable with very low intrinsic weight
Interference-free, constant use, even around the clock
Fully automatic electronic controls
Compact and thus easily transported in a car

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