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    compact, packed-bed


ANDRITZ rotating packed-bed centrifuge RPB

The ANDRITZ rotating packed-bed centrifuge uses the HiGee technology and provides a quantum leap in terms of process intensification for gas stripping, distillation, as well as liquid-liquid reactions. With the ANDRITZ RPB technology, traditionally column-based processes can be designed to be considerably more compact, while yield and quality are increased.
Technological advantages

The HiGee technology (high-gravity) utilizes centrifugal forces to overcome the limitations of traditional packed columns and at the same time reveals unique process features. A major advantage of this technology is the greatly increased mass transfer rate as well as the enhanced micro-mixing. Reactions with limited dwell time as well as extremely fast reactions can be maintained under controlled conditions easily inside the RPB centrifuge. Additional advantages are the smaller dimensions of the unit, which lead to lower capital, installation, and operating costs. Completely new fields of application are opened up with this technology, such as mobile plants, high-pressure plants, and processing of viscous media. Industrially proven examples of the application of RPB technology are the production process for hypochlorous acid, or absorption processes like SO2 or H2S removal. ANDRITZ SEPARATION has designed and delivered the world’s largest RPB installation – a set of four RPBs for DOW Chemicals.

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