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The Fives Enhanced All-Dry (EAD™) is a high efficiency dry scrubbing system using a technology that was developed by Fives in our pilot plant of Gardanne, France in 1985.

Since then, this proven technology has been successfully installed in various industrial plants including coal fired boilers, lime kilns, proppants kilns, brick kilns.

Venturi reactor

The EAD™ system is based on injection of the fresh hydrated lime reagent into Fives’ proprietary Venturi Reactor. Externally recycled reactivated solids, containing unreacted lime reagent, are also injected into the Venturi Reactor, wherein turbulent flow assures intimate contact between the reagent and acids in the gas stream, allowing the acids to be neutralized by chemical reaction.

In the Venturi Reactor, the moisture on the recycle material is evaporated from the reagent surfaces. This simultaneously does the following:

Cools the flue gases to the ideal reaction temperature
Lowers the reagent surface temperature, and
Increases the humidity at the point of reaction
These three activities provide optimum conditions for increased reactivity of the reagent with SO2 and other acid gase

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